Van V5088A1013

Van V5088A1013

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell V5088A1013

Honeywell V5088A flanged linear valve

These single seated valves are used for modulating control of hot or chilled water or steam in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems and can be operated by electric linear actuators as ML6421, ML7421.
Valve type: 2-way press. bal.
Materials: body cast iron GG25, trim stainless steel
Action to open: stem up
Nominal pressure: PN16
Port connection: flanges ISO7005
Flow char.: mod.equal%
Models DN100..150 approved according DIN 32730.
Close off pressure with 1800N motor: 1000kPa
Stroke: 38mm
Media temp.: 2…220C

38 mm, application Water
DN size: 125mm
Kvs value: 250
Medium type: water

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