Honeywell M9484F1031

Honeywell M9484F1031

Thông số kỹ thuật bộ điều khiển góc mở M9484F1031

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.) 6.45 in high x 5.5 in wide x 7.3 in deep
Dimensions (mm) 164 mm high x 140 mm wide x 185 mm deep
Item Type Product
Frequency 50 Hz; 60 Hz
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed: File No. E4436, Guide No. XAPX for USA and Canada
Supply Voltage 24 Vac
Power Consumption 15 W
Timing 90 degree stroke– 30 seconds, 160 degree stroke– 60 seconds
Ambient Temperature Range (F) -40 F to +150 F
Ambient Temperature Range (C) -40 C to +66 C
Input Signal 135 ohm
Internal Auxiliary Switch 2
Auxiliary Switch Ratings 120 Vac– 7.2 AFL, 43.2 ALR, 40 VA pilot duty opposite contact; At 240 Vac– 3.6 AFL, 21.6 ALR, 40 VA pilot duty opposite contact
Adjustable; 90 to 160 degrees, Symmetrical
Shaft Dimensions (in.)
double-ended, 3/8 in. square
Torque Rating (lb-in.)
150 lb-in.
Torque Rating (Nm)
17 Nm
Additional Torque Ratings (lb-in.)
Breakaway– 300 lb-in.
Additional Torque Ratings (Nm)
Breakaway– 34.0 Nm
Auxiliary Switch Setting
7 and 80 degrees
Factory Stroke Setting 90 degrees
Shaft Dimensions (mm) double-ended, 9.5 mm square
Deadweight Load on Shaft Either End– 200 lb (300 lb combined power and auxiliary shafts); 90.8 kg (136 kg combined power and auxiliary shafts);

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