Cảm biến PTSDB0012V3

Cảm biến PTSDB0012V3

đại lý PTSDB0012V3 | honeywell PTSDB0012V3 | nhà phân phối PTSDB0012V3

Thông số kỹ thuật cảm biến chênh áp PTSDB0012V3


Honeywell Electronic Differential Pressure transmitter for gas and liquid (Smart SN DIFF)

Electronic Differential Pressure Transmitters are microprocessor-controlled pressure measurement devices for a differential pressure range of 0 … 20 bar. They are suitable for an extremely wide range of applications, including the precision recording and monitoring of system pressure. They come complete with an angled M12X1 plug and are mounted directly to the pipe via two G1/4″ internal thread connections.
Configurable as 0/2…10V or 0/4…20 mA (3-wire)
Adjustable attenuation filter
LCD graphical display (Human-Machine-Interface models, only) can be swiveled for better readability; display can be rotated in 90o steps by software for better readability; HMI can be freely swiveled 310o
Self-monitoring electronics
Power supply 24 VAC/DC (3-wire models)
Power supply 18-35 V DC (2-wire models)
Media temp.: -20…80C

Pressure Transmitter without HMI (3-wire)
Pressure range: 0…1bar
Max. pressure: 3bar
Protection class: IP67
Ambient temperature: -20…80C

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