Van điện V5011N2055

Van điện V5011N2055

đại lý V5011N2055 | honeywell V5011N2055 | nhà phân phối V5011N2055

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell V5011N2055

Dimensions (in.)

6 5/8 in. high x 3 1/4 in. wide x 1 9/16 in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
168 mm high x 82 mm wide x 39 mm deep
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (psi)
100 psi/337 F steam
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (kPa)
690 kPa/169C steam
Used With
Q5001/Modutrol IV Motor; MP953; Q5020/DCA; ML6984/ML7984; ML6420,21A,25; ML7420/ML7421A/ML7425
Ambient Temperature Range (F)
36 F to 248 F water; 340 F steam
Ambient Temperature Range (C)
2 C to 120 C water; 171 C steam
Connection Type
Female NPT
Body Pattern
Pipe Size (inch)
3/4 in.
Pipe Size (DN)
Bonnet Size (in.)
1-3/8 in.
Maximum Differential Pressure Ratings (Close-off) (psi)
240 psi; For Quiet Water Service–20 psid
Maximum Differential Pressure Ratings (Close-off) (kPa)
1655 kPa; For Quiet Water Service–138 kPa
Capacity (Cv)
7.3 Cv
Capacity (Kv)
6.3 kvs
Valve Action
Stem down to close
Valve Type
Globe Valve
Controlled Fluid
Chilled or hot water with up to 50% Glycol or Steam. Not for use with fuels.
Materials (Body)
Red Brass
Materials (Seat)
Stainless Steel
Materials (Stem)
Stainless Steel
Materials (Cartridge)
Stainless Steel
Flow Characteristic
Must be purchased separately
Static Pressure Rating (psi)
Meets ANSI 150 Standard
Static Pressure Rating (kPa)
Meets ANSI 150 Standard
Stem Travel (in.)
3/4 in.
Stem Travel (mm)
20 mm
Bonnet Size (mm)
35 mm
Materials (Plug/Ball/Disc)
Stainless Steel
Materials (Packing)
Seat: 0.05% of Cv
Approvals, CRN Number

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