Van điện từ VE4050A1002

Van điện từ VE4050A1002

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell VE4050A1002

Honeywell Solenoid gas valve, normally closed VE4000A1

Class “A” Safety Shutoff Solenoid Gas Valve.
For control and regulation of gaseous fuels in gas power burners, gas boilers, ovens, furnaces and other gas consuming appliances.
Gas valve type: non regulated ON/OFF normally closed, fast opening.
Media: natural gas, propane, air.
Materials: aluminium die cast body.
Approvals: CE (EN161), AGA
Some models have 4x pressure taps 1/4″ (2x on each side), marked as “Bypass” in the selection table.
Pipe connection: Internal thread as per ISO 7/1 (Rp)
Threads type: BSP
Maximum opening time: 1s
Maximum closing time: 1s
Ambient temperature: -15…60C

220…240 Vac versions
Valve dimension: Rp 2
Max. operating pressure: 200mbar
Protection class: IP54
Electrical connection: PG11
Optional CPI-switch: MS055001
Replacement coil: BB052303
Comments: no

Honeywell BB051102DIN
Honeywell BB051125
Honeywell BB051126DIN
Honeywell BB051152DIN
Honeywell BB051154DIN
Honeywell BB052301
Honeywell BB052302
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Honeywell BB052306DIN
Honeywell BB052325
Honeywell BB052326DIN
Honeywell BB052340
Honeywell BB052365
Honeywell CO020012
Honeywell MS052501
Honeywell MS054001
Honeywell MS055001
Honeywell MS056501
Honeywell VE4010A1006
Honeywell VE4015A1005
Honeywell VE4015A1013
Honeywell VE4015A1070
Honeywell VE4015A1138
Honeywell VE4020A1005
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Honeywell VE4025A1004
Honeywell VE4025A1053
Honeywell VE4025A1145
Honeywell VE4025A1194
Honeywell VE4032A1000
Honeywell VE4032A1109
Honeywell VE4040A1003
Honeywell VE4040A1052
Honeywell VE4040A1144
Honeywell VE4040A1219
Honeywell VE4040A1227
Honeywell VE4050A1002
Honeywell VE4050A1051
Honeywell VE4050A1127
Honeywell VE4050A1184
Honeywell VE4065A1000

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