Công tắc áp suất C6097A2310

Công tắc áp suất C6097A2310

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell C6097A2310

Honeywell Pressure switch for general gas- and air application C6097

The C6097 Pressure Switches are safety devices used in positive-pressure or differential-pressure systems to sense gas or air pressure changes.
Kind of pressure: differential pressure, relative
Pressure connection: Two models are available: pipe mount or flange mount on valve body.
Pipe mount models: positive pressure: G1/4″
Pipe mount models: negative pressure: G1/8″
Flange mount models: direct mount on valve body
Electrical connection: PG11 or DIN plug
Protection class: IP54
Housing material: Bottom part: aluminium die cast
Case: blue coloured polybutylene terephthalate
Cover: transparent polycarbonate
Media temp.: -15…80C
Ambient temperature: -15…60C
Switch function/capacity: Switch action: SPDT
Max voltage: 250Vac
Min voltage: 24Vac
Max resistive load: 5 A
Max inductive load (pf=0.6): 3 A
Min load: 50 mA
Approvals: C6097A1/B1 models: UL (US+C), CSA (US+C), FM
C6097A2 models: CE (EN1854) – PIN: 0063AR1571
Mounting position: horizontal or vertical
C6097A1 models are calibrated for pressure fall (approved for use as minimum pressure limiter in NA) and have psi or in.wc scale
C6097B1 models are calibrated for pressure rise (approved for use as maximum pressure limiter in NA) and have psi or in.wc scale
C6097A2 models are calibrated for nominal pressure (CE approved for use as minimum or maximum pressure limiter in EU) and have mbar scale

European models for pipe mount, G1/4″ connection. Uses PG11 cable gland.
Pressure adjustment range: 30…150mbar
Differential pressure setpoint range: …2.8mbar
Max. pressure: 500mbar
Comment: CE Approved

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