Bộ điều khiển XL50A-UMMI-PC

Bộ điều khiển XL50A-UMMI-PC

đại lý XL50A-UMMI-PC | nhà phân phối XL50A-UMMI-PC | đại lý honeywell

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell XL50A-UMMI-PC

Honeywell HVAC controller free programmable, Excel 50

DDC controller within the EXCEL 5000 system for HVAC control applications, and building automation functionalities. The controller can be applied for stand-alone operation, dial-up and in networked systems.
For small and medium size buildings.
Control software: free programmable with CARE software
Hardware inputs: 8 inputs for sensors NTC20k, 0..10V=, 0..20mA
4 binary inputs for potential free contacts or 24V=
Hardware outputs: 4 analogue outputs 0..10V=
6 digital outputs 24Vac
Operator panels: RS232 port available for operator panel XI582 or XI882; these panels can be used for adjustment of setpoints, alarm limits, fixing in/outputs, override functions, graphic trending etc. (model XL50-MMI is already equipped with a built-in own operator panel)
Management applications: SymmetrE or EBI PC software can be applied for a central operator and all other building automation functions
Stand-alone operation: yes
Bus system description: communication bus (C-bus) for data exchange with other EXCEL 5000 controllers and for building automation management systems (max. 30 devices per bus)
LonWorks(R) bus; for interoperation 46 Network Variables are provided
Transceiver type: LonWorks(R) FTT10A
Application cards: one removable application card for communication, application storage, operating system and local language characters for the operator panel
Mounting: cabinet (DIN) rail or cabinet front door
Protection class: IP30, IP54 with XL50-ACC3 for front door mounting
Type of terminals: screw terminals (XS50 screw terminal block)
Memory back-up: goldcap capacitor for 72 hours RAM and real-time clock buffering
Power supply: 24Vac
Modem connection: directly connectable via application card
C-bus connection: directly connectable via application card
LonWorks(R) connection: directly connectable via application card

Controller with MMI and accessories XS50 and XL50ACC2
Product description: Controller with MMI and accessories and XD50C-FC

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