Bộ điều khiển VLC-1188

Bộ điều khiển VLC-1188

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell VLC-1188

The Alerton® BACtalk® VLC-1188 is a versatile, fully programmable logic controller designed for central plant systems, air handling units, clean rooms, fume hoods, large terminal units, and similar control and process equipment. As a native BACnet controller, it integrates seamlessly with your BACnet system, communicating on a BACnet MS/TP LAN at up to 76.8 Kbps. VLC-1188—11 10-bit universal inputs, eight binary outputs and eight analog outputs.

24 VAC @ 20 VA min., plus binary output loads (110 VA max).
Utilizes a half-wave rectifier, which allows a single transformer to power
multiple VLCs. One leg of 24 VAC connects to earth (panel) ground.
• Inputs
11 universal inputs with 10-bit resolution. Input 0 can be used for
a BACtalk
®Microset™ or Microset II. Inputs 1–10 are jumper-selectable for
thermistor/dry contact, 0–5 VDC/4–20 mA., or 0–10 VDC signals.
• Binary Outputs
8 outputs each rated at 24 VAC, 0.5A. The outputs utilize
optically coupled triacs, which have a common connection to the fused 24
VAC supply.
• Analog Output
8 outputs with 8-bit resolution. Each is switch-selectable for
0–10 VDC or 4–20 mA. 4–20 mA outputs are sourced by the VLC. Connected
loads must return to the VLC ground. 4–20 mA max. load resistance is 1,000
0–10 VDC min. load resistance is 500 ohm.
• 24VDC Output
Up to 100 mA of 24 VDC power is provided to power
transducers or other devices.
• Processor & Memory
Motorola AZ60 processor with on-board flash
memory. Flash memory provides nonvolatile program and data storage, and
allows for encrypted updates to the program for future product enhancements.
• Dimensions
6.98” (177mm)H x 5.0” (127mm)W x 1.5” (38mm)D.
• Terminations
Removable header-type screw terminals accept 14–24 AWG
• Environmental
0–158 deg. F (-17–70 deg. C). 0–95% RH, non-condensing.
• Communications
BACnet MS/TP LAN up to 76.8
• BACnet Conformance
B-ASC level device; tested and
approved by BTL. See Protocol Implementation Conformance
Statement (PICS)

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