Bộ điều khiển BC1000A0220U

Bộ điều khiển honeywell BC1000A0220U

Thông số kỹ thuật bộ điều khiển đánh lửa BC1000A0220U

Honeywell Flame relays BC1000

The BC1000A/B series is a flame switch for intermittent operation to indicate presence or absence of a flame and to be applied in commercial or industrial burner installations.
The BC1000A is specially designed to be used as manual start/stop burnercontroller. For all type of burners with unlimited capacity.
Approvals: CE approved according EN298 (for intermittent operation), AGA
Protection class: IP00
Ambient temperature: -20…60C
Maximum humidity: 90%rh
BC1000A/B provides a Safe Start function which checks if a flame signal is present when applying power to the device.
BC1000A1/B1 models are for use with rectification type flame sensors, such as flame rods and C7012A/G UV sensors.
BC1000A2/B2 models are for use with Honeywell UV sensor models C7027, C7035 and C7044.
Note: The BC1000A1/B1 models will operate also with the “Satronic” IRD820/1020 range of infrared sensors. Note that this combination is NOT CE approved for use on installations that fall under the GAD (Gas Appliances Directive).

230Vac versions
Outputs: 1xSPST
Operation: Manual stop/start
Flame failure response time: 2s
Flame detector: UV
Supply voltage: 220..240 Vac
Comment: C7027, C7035, C7044

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Honeywell BC1000A0220F
Honeywell BC1000A0220U
Honeywell BC1000B1000
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Honeywell BC1000B2001
Honeywell BC1000B2019

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