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Van điện từ VC4013AP1000T

Van điện từ VC4013AP1000T

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell VC4013AP1000T:

Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (psi) 300 psi
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (kPa) 2068 kPa (20 Bar)
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association CSA Certified
Enclosure IP40
Timing When used with VC series Actuator–On/Off models with 6 seconds
Ambient Temperature Range (F) 32 F to 150 F
Ambient Temperature Range (C) 0 C to 65 C
Body Pattern Two-way
Pipe Size (inch) 1 in.
Pipe Size (DN) DN25
Fluid Temperature (C) 1 C to 95 C
Fluid Temperature (F) 34 F to 203 F
Maximum Differential Pressure Ratings (Close-off) (psi) 60 psi
Maximum Differential Pressure Ratings (Close-off) (kPa) 414 kPa (4 bar)
Capacity (Cv) 7.0 Cv
Capacity (Kv) 6.0 kvs
Valve Action Stem up to close A port
Valve Type Cartridge Cage Valve
Controlled Fluid Chilled or hot water with up to 60% Glycol
Materials (Body) Bronze
Materials (Seat) EPDM O-ring seals on Noryl piston
Materials (Stem) Stainless Steel
Materials (Cartridge) Ryton™, Noryl™ engineering plastic
Flow Characteristic Quick Open
Actuation Two position 230V SPST control
Stem Travel (in.) 0.4 in.
Stem Travel (mm) 10 mm
Materials (Packing) EPDM rubber
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