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Đại lý PLC Honeywell

Đại lý PLC Honeywell Bộ nguồn 900P01-0001 120 / 24VAC, 60W Bộ nguồn 900P02-0001 120 / 24VAC, 28W Bộ nguồn 900P24-0001 24VDC, 60W HC900 900G32-0001 HC900 900A01-0102 HC900 900B01-0101 CPU module C70R CPU with software and data CD 900C71R-0100-43, 900C71R-0100-44 C70R CPU module 900C72R-0100-43, 900C72R-0100-44 Redundant switching module 900RSM-0001 C70 …

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