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Honeywell V4055A1296

Honeywell V4055A1296 Honeywell V4055A1007/U Honeywell V4055A1031/U Honeywell V4055A1064/U Honeywell V4055A1080/U Honeywell V4055A1098/U Honeywell V4055A1114/U Honeywell V4055A1189/U Honeywell V4055A1197/U Honeywell V4055A1213/U Honeywell V4055A1221/U Honeywell V4055A1239/U Honeywell V4055A1296/U Honeywell V4055A1304/U Honeywell V4055A1312/U Honeywell V4055B1021/U Honeywell V4055B1039/U Honeywell V4055B1088/U Honeywell V4055B1096/U Honeywell V4055D1019/U Honeywell V4055D1027/U Honeywell V4055D1035/U Honeywell V4055D1043/U Honeywell V4055E1016/U Honeywell V4055E1024/U

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Bộ điều khiển V4055D1043

Bộ điều khiển V4055D1043 Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell V4055D1043 Product Specifications Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (psi) 5 psi Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (kPa) 34 kPa Temperature Range (F) : -40 F to +150 F Temperature Range (C): -40 C to +66 C Used With V5055;V5097 Gas Valves Electrical Ratings …

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