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Thiết bị truyền động van V4055A1080

Thiết bị truyền động van V4055A1080 The Honeywell V4055A1080 Combustion valve actuator 240/60; 26 SEC OPNG TIME ; W/Damper Shaft.; Actuator, On-Off Fluid Power Gas Valve Actuator, 240Vac, 26 Second Opening Timing, 1 Second or Less Closing Timing, Damper Shaft, 5 Psi Maximum Operating Pressure, -40-150 Degree Temperature Range, Used …

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Honeywell C7061A1012, C6097B1036

Honeywell C7061A1012, C6097B1036 UDC3200 Universal Digital Controller DC3200-CE-100R-100-00000-00-0 UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller DC3200-CE-100R-100-00000-00-0 Honeywell Modutrol IV Motor M7284C1000 120v, 150# Torgue, 90Degrees, 30 Seconds, 2 Aux Switches, 4-20mA Signal M7284C1000 Dynamic Self Check UV Detector C7061A1012 HV, Transformer, Ignition Q624A1014 Honeywell Automatic Primary Relay Module for Use with Sefl Checking …

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