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Honeywell MS4620F1005

Honeywell MS4620F1005 Honeywell S20230-F Two-Position, SPST Actuator 175 lb-in, Spring Return 230 Vac ±-10%, Europe Honeywell S20230-F-SW2 Two-Position SPST Actuator 175 lb-in Spring Return 230 Vac ±-10% with 2 switches, Europe Honeywell MS4620F1005/U Fast-acting, two-position actuator with 175 lb-in., 20 Nm spring return and 230 Vac Honeywell MS4620F1203/B Fast-Acting, 2-Pos …

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Honeywell MS4620F1203

Honeywell MS4620F1203 Thông số kỹ thuật bộ điều khiển MS4620F1203 Application: Fire and Smoke Dimensions (in.): 10.67 in high x 3.94 in wide x 2.95 in deep Dimensions (mm): 271 mm high x 100 mm wide x 75 mm deep Includes: Self-centering shaft adapter, 3mm crank Weight (lb): 8 lb …

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