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Bộ điều khiển S4560A1008

Bộ điều khiển S4560A1008 ML7420A8088 ML7425A8018 CN6105A1011 CN6110A1003 CN6134A1003 CN7505A2001 CN7510A2001 CN7220A2007 CN7234A2008 CN6120A1002 CN6110A1201 CN4620A1001 CN4605A1001 CN4610A1001 ML7421B1023-E ML7421A1032-E OM-1 117 OM-2 61 OM-3 76 OM-4 40 OM-7 8 OM-8 5 OM-9 3 OM-10 2 OM-12 0 OM-P1 2 OM-P2 2 OM-P3 4 OM-P4 16 OM-P7 4 OM-P8 0 …

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Van điện CN7220A2007S

Van điện CN7220A2007S Thông số kỹ thuật CN7220A2007 Honeywell Non-spring return, 20/34 Nm, SmartAct Direct-coupled actuator with self-centering shaft adapter. For air dampers, air handlers, ventilation flaps, louvers and VAV-units. Protection class: IP54 Position indication: rotational angle scales 0..90o, 90..0o End switch function/capacity: 2 optional freely-adjustable SPDT switches 230V, 5(3)A …

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