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Đại lý honeywell Minimax XP

Đại lý honeywell Minimax XP Thông số kỹ thuật thiết bị dò khí Minimax XP Standard Specification Gases                             DetectedRange       Level 1         Level 2         STEL   …

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Thiết bị dò khí MiniMAX X4

Thiết bị dò khí MiniMAX X4 Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell MiniMAX X4 Standard Specification General: R eusable multi-gas detector for personal protection against flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards. Supplied complete with calibration certificate, quick start guide, alkaline batteries (2), tubing, flow adaptor, crocodile clip, and manual. Đại lý …

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Honeywell SPXCDALMO1

Honeywell SPXCDALMO1 Honeywell 2308B0953 2308B0900 2308B0940 Honeywell 2308B0946 2308B0952 2308B0934 Honeywell 2308B0930 2308B0923 2308B0970 Honeywell 2308B0971 2308B0972 2308B0973 Honeywell 2308B0974 2308B0975 2308B0976 Honeywell 2308B0977 2308B0978 2308B0924 Honeywell SPXCDASMFX SPXCDASMRX Honeywell SPXCDASMPX SPXCDASMO1 Honeywell SPXCDASMNX SPXCDASMHX Honeywell SPXCDASMCX SPXCDASMG1 Honeywell SPXCDASMB1 SPXCDALMFX Honeywell SPXCDALMRX SPXCDALMPX Honeywell SPXCDALMO1 SPXCDALMNX Honeywell SPXCDALMHX SPXCDALMCX …

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