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Bộ điều khiển DC1040CR-701000-E

Bộ điều khiển DC1040CR-701000-E

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell DC1040CR-701000-E

· Easy configuration: different configuration can be convenient to set parameters.

· A variety of calculation.
· PID control or switch.
· Cold/hot as control.
· Motor position control.
· Advanced automatic calculation of the regulation.
· Specific optimization of PID control system.
· Fixed-point programming:
2-8 optional position.
Can be combined, and 6 in the performance of the ten control program.
· Extend the functionality:
Three different kinds of alarm output.
17 kinds of music to choose from.
Different time can be set different output.
· Communication function:
RS232 / RS485 is optional.
The highest communication rate of up to 38400 BPS.

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